Knowing & Growing

We want to see the younger generation passionate about knowing Jesus Christ and growing in Jesus Christ. This is what Aftermath means = Living in the Aftermath of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, Himself was noted as growing and becoming strong while He increased in the wisdom and grace of God (Luke 2:40). We so desire to see the Spirit of Jesus forging this in our youth!  

Content & Context

Content: We want our youth to center their salvation around the work and person of Jesus Christ in particular and to inform their faith and life by the Word of God in general. There is no more important discussion, than discussion of God's revealed Word. . ." The B-I-B-L-E, yes, that's the book for ME"

Context: It is incredibly essential for youth to live out their faith and learn about faith together. So, we provide settings of Bible study and discussion for our youth. We also want to involve our young adults in Church community. We want them to know the joys of serving and worshiping together with the whole Church. 

Letting Loose!!!

It is so wonderful to watch our youth unwinding together and forging relationships. We want our young people spending relational time together. 

So, we regularly plan occasions of 'letting loose' where our youth connect and unwind.