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Sovereign Grace Church
of LaGrange

Whether you're looking for a church near you, looking for community, or looking for answers,
you're welcome at Sovereign Grace Church in Lagrange, GA.

Who We Are

Sovereign Grace Church is a welcoming home in Lagrange, GA. Our aim is to make disciples of Jesus Christ across all ages and stages of life.


We are centered around the gospel of our God, and His salvation for us in Jesus Christ. We celebrate the eternal life and forgiveness of sins Jesus has secured and provided for us.


We are informed by the Word of God revealed in the Bible and want to hear His Word for our lives. We celebrate His Word in all of our songs, sermons, and ministries.


We are motivated by love for the good of others because of the selfless and sacrificial love of Jesus for our good. We celebrate His love by selflessly and sacrificially loving one another.


We are empowered by the Spirit to share life together as we minister to one another. We celebrate the presence of the Spirit to enliven us for shared life together.

Find Your Community

Discover how you can get involved and grow here at Sovereign Grace Church.

Get to Know the Team

Our goal as a leadership team is to submit ourselves to the authority of scripture and use our God-given talents for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What to Expect on a Sunday

It's common for people to have questions. Learn more about what it's like to visit Sovereign Grace Church.