We Believe. . .

While we believe the gospel of Jesus Christ to be of central importance to us in particular, we also ground ourselves in the full orbed teaching of the Bible in general. We believe the Bible, God's very Word, to be the sole source of Christian faith, worship, life and practice. The Bible informs what we believe, aka doctrine. We want what we believe to be informed by the Word of God. So, there are certain doctrinal distinctive's that we cling to.

  1. We passionately believe salvation is solely by grace, aka 'the doctrines of grace'. These doctrines of grace are: 
  • Solely for God's Glory: Our salvation, we believe, exists to showcase our saving God's eternal glory alone!
  • Solely in Jesus Christ: Our salvation we believe, exists because of the personal presence and work of Jesus alone
  • Solely by Grace: Our salvation, we believe, exists on the basis of God's free gift to us in Jesus Christ. We don't earn or merit salvation. God freely gifts us salvation. 
  • Solely through Faith: Our good standing with God, we believe, is achieved on the grounds of Jesus' perfect obedience to God the Father to the point of death. Jesus died in the place of sinners. 
  • Solely according to the Bible: We come to know and experience our salvation, we believe,  in Jesus Christ, by grace and through faith, as the Bible, the very Word of God, makes it known.

Now, beyond these doctrinal distinctives, there are areas in which we differ from many Reformed traditions, such as infant baptism, cessationism (the belief that some miraculous spiritual gifts have ceased), and some traditionally Reformed types of church government.

We want all these convictions to inspire a passion for the local church. We believe that local churches are to be the primary means of advancing the Great Commission, in addition to being the context where all believers are to grow in holiness, be equipped for service, and bear witness to the saving grace of God.

We Believe these

Creeds, Confessions & Statements

We are connected to a broader Church community that has maintained the Christian Faith for generations. Our Christian Faith has been maintained through Historic Confessions of Faith and Evangelical Statements of Faith. Below are Creeds, Confessions & Statements of the Christian Faith that we hold to.