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About Us

Our mission and our values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

“We exist to delight in, declare, and display the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Delight in the Gospel

We do this by joyfully worshiping together on Sundays, and centering all of our ministry venues around Jesus. Plus, we desire Christ to be the delight among our every day conversations and shared life together.

Declare the Gospel

We declare the gospel in many ways at Sovereign Grace Church. We declare the gospel every Sunday morning through our songs, sermons, and ministries. We also uniquely do so each month in celebrating the Lord’s Supper together. And we declare the gospel in the marketplace and within our relationships.



Display the Gospel

In all areas of life at Sovereign Grace Church we stridently emphasize being ‘salt and light’ and ‘a city on a hill’, so that through the manifold wisdom of God, sinners of all kinds to be together in unity, we would display the love of God for us all, in Jesus Christ.

Here's What We Value as a Church

The core values of any organization reflects who it is and what it believes.


We want Jesus being the rhyme and reason for our lives. All of Scripture exists to reveal Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and we desire all of our life to reveal Him.


Our lives, families, reasonings, and worship are to be based upon God’s Word. We want to live our lives and arrange our ministry among SGC based upon the Lord’s Word for us.


Following Jesus involves our families following Him and discipling them in Him. We love and accommodate families who prefer having children in our auditorium throughout our service, as well as families who prefer to have their children involved in our children’s ministry.


Just as we want the whole community of believers to share life together in Christ, we also strive to invite the whole of our surrounding community into sharing life together in Christ.


As Jesus came not to be served but to serve, so we are of the same mind. We foster an every-member ministry that encourages everyone to find a place of service among Sovereign Grace Church.


We need the Spirit empowering and equipping us for our personal lives and for ministry among SGC. As we gather on Sunday, we want the Spirit stirring our faith to share at our ministry mic, to praise the Lord during our songs, to celebrate the preached Word, and to personally minister to one another.


We enjoy a rich relationship with churches in the LaGrange area, as well as the broader United States. Our partnerships help us to care for our members and advance the gospel.